Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Weekend

I apologize for missing a day of blogging, but I was too busy HOLDING ALL THREE BABIES AT THE SAME TIME!!! It was AWESOME! The triplets have not been in the same room together since the morning that they were born. As soon as the nurse carried Reese into the room with Orlando and Mercedes, she started getting teary-eyed. Then, when she got to have all three in her arms, she started crying. Then, for the rest of the day, if you asked her about it, she would cry again... tears of joy.

Orlando and Mercedes also got baths. Rose started bathing Orlando yesterday morning, but she started feeling lightheaded, so I got to finish the job. (Rose's blood pressure is finally coming down, and her blood pressure medication brought it down a little too far.) Orlando pooped three times and peed twice during the process. As soon as his diaper was off, he pooped in his blanket. The nurse got a new blanket, and he promptly pooped again. He also sent some pee over his shoulder as well. Then, when we finally got him in the water, he waited until he was half done before pooping a third time and adding some pee to the mix. We had to get all new water and start again.

Rose bathed Mercedes this morning with much less trouble. She slept through the whole thing, and did not decide bath time was poop time. Later in the day, I did have to use three diapers for one changing. I took off a dirty diaper and wiped her. Apparently, I missed some because the new diaper had some poop on it, so I got a second diaper. Then, after I attached one side of the new diaper, she managed to send some poop out the leg hole of the other side. Rose got me a new blanket and a third diaper. I think she could tell how frustrated I was, because she volunteered to finish the job... she is such a good mom.

Reese and Orlando are being switched to cribs, tomorrow. If they do well, and there is no reason to think that they won't, they will be coming home by the end of the week!!!!!!!!!! Mercedes will still have to stay at the NICU until she gets bigger. She is doing great with feedings and with all of her stats but weight. She just needs to get some fat on her. She is still a pound lighter than the boys, and needs to catch up.

Ricky Bobbie (the cat) is not that excited about the new arrivals. For the first time since we got him (3 years ago) he has pooped and peed in the house (not in his litter box). The poop wasn't so bad. It was right in front of the door... easy to find, easy to clean. The pee, on the other hand, is difficult to locate, difficult to clean, and so bad smelling that it makes my eyes water. The cat is pressing his luck...


  1. The boys might be coming home? How awesome is that?! That is so exciting!! I could so tell that Rose was crying. I bet it felt so good to have the whole family together. Love, hugs and kisses all around.

  2. That photo of the five of you is my new favorite photo in the world! I love it. so happy for you guys.

    ps: Im sending you guys the tub my company makes... it addresses your poo-bath problem. :)

    i never thought about babies pooping in the tub.. i'd mostly been thinking about messy faces and hands. i have a whole new respect for my company. :)

    love you guys so much!