Thursday, July 23, 2009

I.V. Free!

All three babies are I.V. free today. Reese finally had his PICC line removed. Instead of getting poked with a needle to get their extra vitamins, the nurses are adding it to the milk, which give the milk an odd color, but that is much preferable to an I.V. in the head or arm or leg... especially the head.

Orlando and Mercedes didn't gain any weight today. The nurse thought they might have gotten a little tired out from trying to feed with the bottle. Orlando is feeding better every day. The doctor decided that it was still too much work for Mercedes, so she is still getting her milk through the tube in her nose. Reese, on the other hand, is gaining weight and is drinking more vigorously than ever. I had to keep taking the bottle out of his mouth today to make sure he would take a breath. He was drinking almost too well. He was also smacking his lips before and after getting his bottle. I think that he wanted more.

Tonight, the nurse said that they may switch Orlando and Reese from measured feedings to feeding them all they want. That should help them start gaining weight, especially Reese who seemed to want more than he was given.

Rose brought all new outfits for the babies today. They looked very cute, although Reese and Orlando told her that the hats weren't cool. They said that only baseball players wear hats that match their clothes... Oralndo also told her that he didn't appreciate the firm back patting after his meal... Then, he burped and changed his mind.

I am just so thankful that they are all doing so well. Hopefully they will all gain weight tomorrow. I want them all to get nice and fat!

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  1. Better watch out for Reese with the smirky smile. Looks like he's up to something.

    Debbie Kincer