Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Picture Day!

As the boys are coming home soon, the hospital took the "official" pictures today. Unfortunately, I was not there to see it, but Rose took some pictures of her own and took some video clips, too. They look so cute together.

The nurses took out Mercedes' feeding tube for the pictures. The hope is that she won't need it put back in. So far, she has been having no problems without it. I fed her tonight after work, and she sucked her bottle dry without any problems. In fact, I think she could have eaten more. She is still on measured feeds.

Reese managed to pee in his hair today. I think he did it on purpose so that the nurse would give him a shampoo... he just needed some attention.

The boys are supposed to come home on Friday!!! Crazy! Rose and I are so excited. We are also going to try to enjoy the next two nights of uninterrupted sleep. (This is more for me than Rose, as she already gets up every three hours to pump.)

I can't believe that the triplets were born just two weeks ago today. That already seems like a lifetime ago. I am sure that time will fly by even faster after they come home.

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