Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lookin' good

All three babies got to wear outfits today. No more naked time in just their diapers. They all look very cute. Rose brought an outfit from home for Orlando, but didn't put it on him, because she didn't want to play favorites. Somehow, Mercedes and Reese would have found out that he got an outfit from home, and they would have filed a formal complaint.

Reese was taken off of the high flow nasal cannula today. He looks so much better without it taped to his face. He still has a feeding tube in his nose and the PICC line, but he looks much better. Plus, he gained another ounce today.

Orlando is still off of the i.v. He is now drinking an ounce of milk during every feeding. I got to change his poopy diaper, and then feed him. As soon as I started his feeding, I felt him fill his brand new diaper... I guess I should get used to it. I guess that is better than when he pees over his shoulder when I change him.

Mercedes is gaining more and more weight every day. She gained a little over an ounce today. She is still so little. I need her to fatten up.

Orlando and Mercedes were moved to a twin room today so they get to be together for the first time since they exited the womb. Reese is across the hall still, but they are all very close together. It is just wonderful that we don't have babies on separate floors any more.

Rose remembered the camera today so we have some new photos for everyone. It is going to be harder to tell Orlando and Reese apart now that the cannula is off of Reese. Good luck. I also added another picture of a picture. One of the nurses took a super cute picture of Orlando, and I had to post it.

Keep us in your prayers.

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