Monday, May 17, 2010

Big Girl!

It is rare that Mercedes looks big, seeing as she is always posing next to those hulking bros of hers. ;) But next to baby Emily, M finally looks like the biggest baby in the picture!

10 Months Old!!!

Our 10-month birthday was a blast! We started the day by snuggling with daddy in the big bed; then we were in a parade! Finally, the day ended like it always does - with us in our pj's, ready for bed. We had so much fun!

Triplet Playdate

The babies had a playdate with the Merritt triplets. Babies galore! I met Erinn Merritt through my twins club. Her husband Chris is in the military, so they are living in Dayton for just a short time before moving on. Boo hoo! I want them to stay!

Reesie's New Favorite Things

Reese is showing off two of his new favorite things: the remote control and his ability to pull up to his knees. After I found him like this after a nap, I realized it was time to raise the crib rail!

Baby Burritos

Orlando and Mercedes are demonstrating everyone's favorite delicacy around the Lounsbury house - the baby burrito.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mama Time!

Family Togetherness

Orlando - One Happy Guy

Those of us who were lucky enough to know the original Orlando, my grandfather, probably remember him for his cooking, gardening, and less-than-peachy attitude. In the Cimini family, when someone mentions the "O Mode," you better look out! Lucky for us, little O seems to have a pretty happy outlook on life!

Summertime for Cedes

Mercedes loves summertime, because with it comes a girl's favorite outfit - the sundress. What a cutie pie!

I Can Sit!

Reesie is demonstrating his new skill - sitting! Naked or clothed, he is a sitting machine!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our Baptism Pics

We were a little distracted during the babies' baptism weekend, so we didn't manage to take very many pictures. Although I do love the photo of Orlando and Grandma Ginny - fashion sense must be genetic! See the next post for Aunt Johanna's much better baptism photo coverage.

Aunt Johannie's Baptism Pics

Thank goodness Aunt Johannie took pictures of the babies' baptism! Here are some of her best pics. We loved having our family and friends in town for the event!