Friday, February 19, 2010

Snake Attack!

Floor Time, Floor Time, Floor Time

Inspired by the realization that Mercedes spent the vast majority of her awake time bouncing her little heart out in the Jumperoo, we've resolved to have more floor time at the Lounsbury house. We had some resistance at first, but everyone seems to be more or less on board now. Reesie, our most mobile guy, rolls himself off the blanket to explore the outer regions of his living room domain. I found him underneath the rocking chair yesterday. Orlando and Cedes have yet to master the art of rolling both ways, but they are getting stronger. An added bonus - all this floor time wears them out and they nap like champs!


Mercedes, why aren't you smiling in this picture? Oh yeah, Reesie has his foot on your neck. Sorry! That's better!

A Visit from the Smiths

We enjoyed a visit from the Smith kids during this past snowy week. Orlando was the first baby up from his nap, so he got in all the pictures, lucky guy! "Big O" took the opportunity to show Owen, "Little O," his guns. He also played with Ella. Seems he has a thing for older women!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Seven Months Old!

Triplets, by the numbers:
One = number of poopy diapers Orlando and Reese have each day
Two = number of long naps we take each day
Three = number of teeth among us (also number of "us" among us)
Four = number of poopy diapers Mercedes had yesterday
Five = number of chubby little fingers on each of our hands
Six = number of hands
Seven = number of months of life we've experienced, as of today!!!

Like Father, Like Daughter

Ah, the lovely family resemblances - the eyes glued intently to sports on TV, the relaxed, Saturday afternoon couch posture. Mercedes is just wondering, "Where's my beer, Dad???"

A Fashion Faux Pas

After watching one too many Pussycat Dolls music videos, Reesie decided to wear some thigh-high boots. Yet he neglected two important fashion rules:
1) Thigh-high boots should never be worn by men.
2) Unless one is a fly fisherman, such boots should not be of the wading variety.
Oh well, we still think he looks fabulous!

We Love Grandma Gin and Grandpa Tom!

The babies enjoyed their visit from Grandma Gin and Grandpa Tom this past weekend. They miss their grandparents already!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Reesie looks even happier now that he has his messy new hairstyle.


He's strong, he drools, and he looks darn cute in some footed jammies. Lando is quite the catch, ladies.

Triplet Hazard

Being a triplet has its perks, but there are also downsides, like the very real possibility of someone puking in your hair. (Reesie says he's sorry, Lando.)

A Mercedes Parade

The boys tend to monopolize the blog pics, so we thought we'd take some time out to pay photographic tribute to our little lady.

My Tooth!

Mercedes is extremely proud of her new tooth. She is the first baby to achieve biting capability! Look out, boys!

Monday, February 1, 2010

All smiles!


We discovered Mercedes' first tooth today. The boys are jealous!