Thursday, April 29, 2010

Babies Love Mama, Mama Loves Babies

Love those Baby Butts!

Just Cute

You just can't get enough adorable head shots. These are model babies!

The Cage

Reese: "Why, God, why??? I want freedom!!!!!"

Happy Reesie

Ahh... isn't it good to have one who is always smiling?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Orlando Babbling

A Tussle

The boys may be bigger, but Mercedes holds her own like a true girl - by going straight for the hair.

Such a Stud

Reese has been practicing his best Baywatch poses after learning that Beefy Babes will feature him as Mr. July.

Swinging into Spring

The babies are enjoying the swings at the park. Well, Orlando and Reese are. Mercedes looks very contemplative...

Hot Mess

Reese makes up for being the easiest baby by being the messiest eater. But that's probably because he eats everything!

Nine Months Old!

And our weights are as follows:
Orlando - 21 pounds
Reese - 20 pounds
Mercedes - 18 pounds

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Triplet Table!

Feedings just got that much easier! Yay for the triplet table!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

There is an "I" in Sharing

A Thousand Words

Diaper rash reigns once again in our household, bringing with it Mercedes's favorite activity - naked time. What I love about this picture: Mercedes looking adorable playing with her feet, Orlando's cameo appearance in the upper right corner, and Reese in the background playing with his favorite new toy - Gladware.

Brotherly Love

Maybe it's the matching outfits, maybe it's the shared genetics, but these boys really do gravitate toward each other!

You Decide

Do you prefer your Orlando 'au natural' or stylishly outfitted? As you can see, he finds both looks quite appealing!

Daddy Time!

The babies favorite time of day is the moment Daddy walks in the door. I mean, look at these pictures! He is a blast!

Shoe Fetish

As Reese continues to push the boundaries of the living room floor with his new-found creeping abilities, he has discovered a love of shoes. Flip-flops, tennies, it doesn't matter. If it is worn on the foot, he wants to grab it and put it in his mouth. Kinda gross, but also kinda cute!

Large Heads, Small Bodies

It's just that disproportionate time of life, folks. It happens.

All Dressed Up for Easter...

... and we're not sure if we're happy about it.