Friday, June 25, 2010

Who Loves His Mama?

Orlando loves his Mama!

No, Daddy, don't go!

This is the scene every morning when Daddy leaves for work. How cute is that???

A Series of Crazy Mercedes Faces

I almost feel like I should have a caption contest for these photos.

Father's Day 2010

We loved hanging out with Dad on Father's Day!
We went to the pool. Reesie rocked the wet suit, Lando let it hang loose in trunks, and Cedes looked sweet as pie in a polka dot one-piece.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What Orlando Loves to Do

Pull up to his knees. He's almost to his feet!
Climb onto the bouncy seat. And while he's there, lick a few of the seat parts just to see if they're tasty.
Unfortunately, O has a harder time getting himself OUT of the bouncy seat than he does getting in, as you can see in the background of this picture. Reese seems oblivious to O's distress. He is busy showing off his two-tooth grin.

Piano Prodigy

Cooling Off at the Park

We took the triplets to the splash park last weekend to relieve some of the heat and humidity. The park was met with mixed results, but everybody ended up cooling off a bit, even Mommy and Daddy!

11 Months Old!

One more month of babyhood? Really??? It's impossible to believe.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Silly Reesie

With this cottage cheese container on his head, Reese reminds me of that little monkey in Aladdin. (Reese is much cuter, though!)
He has also discovered how to crawl onto the bottom shelf of the changing table. It's like a whole new world... hey, isn't that a song from Aladdin? Hmm... maybe these two pictures are more connected than I thought.

Little M Goes Visitin'

On her way to Michigan to surprise Grandma Judy, Mercedes stopped in Toledo to visit Uncle Eric and Aunt Gabby and her cool Hoelzle cousins.

She also dropped by Fenton to see Aunt Johanna. They played Wii dancing!

Standing Up!

Look, Ma, I'm standin' up!
Orlando is a bit jealous of Reese's standing ability, so sometimes I stand him up myself. Check out those hot legs!

Daddy's Girl

Daddy knows how to make his little girl giggle and smile!

Surprise, Grandma Judy!

Grandma Judy retired from teaching art and Mercedes and I went to Michigan to surprise her at her retirement party. The surprise was a success, with many happy tears! And I learned that traveling with one baby is about the easiest thing in the world. M was a champ - I think she was born to be a singleton! She clearly loved being the center of attention for a few days. The boys stayed in Dayton with daddy and my friend Holly watched them for two long ten-hour days. Holly rocks!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some Strange Things We Do...

Reese: I got caught between the hearth gate and this toy. I cried and cried. When Dad finally arrived, he took my picture before rescuing me. Despite my pain, I tried to smile for this picture.

Mercedes: I have monkey feet. That's right. I can pick up objects, like this hide-inside box, with my feet and transfer them effortlessly to my hands. Now if only I had a tail...

Orlando: My mom had this luggage that she packed when we were going to grandma's house. It tasted good. Seriously good.

Nap 101

When it comes to napping, each baby employs his/her own unique style. Reese nods off to dreamland by using an unusual, yet clearly effective, butt elevation technique.

Mercedes keeps it sweet with a classic stomach sleep,

which sometimes results in the telltale hand imprint of a good belly snooze.

Orlando sometimes gets his beauty rest while dangling his legs out of the cribs bars!

Memorial Day in Michigan

The triplets ventured to the Thumb for Memorial Day weekend. Josh and I enjoyed sleeping in a bit while Granda Gin handled breakfast.

Orlando made a new best friend, Ebony.

Reese hung out with Great Grandma Betty and Orlando chatted up Great Grandpa Wilbur.

And Mercedes wrapped yet another Lounsbury man, Grandpa Tom, around her little finger!

Our First Time in the Pool!

When we first got in the pool, we were less than pleased.

Then Mommy started to play with us...

... and we decided the water was okay after all.

Reesie even liked the pool so much, he tried to eat the hose.