Monday, June 29, 2009

Some Recent Belly Pics

Here are a few recent pics of the ever-growing belly. I especially like the one of me and Ricky Bobby chillaxin' on the couch. (Note - only ONE of us has a doctor-prescribed reason to be so lazy!)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Expectant Daddy

Here is Josh in front of his impressively large tomato plant on the porch. Note the calm, cool demeanor... pre-triplets, of course. :)

The Expectant Mommy

Here's a little video of me on the porch. Just waiting for those babies to arrive!

Before They Arrive...

Josh and I are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our three precious babies! We are currently 30 weeks along and hoping for at least another month before they show their cute little faces. :) We're hoping this blog can help keep family and friends updated on our progress. Here are some videos of us as we wait...