Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hurray, Reese!

Reese was taken off the ventilator today. Rose and I both cried. He is now on a high flow nasal cannula. It is just a small tube with nose holes. It is a vast improvement over the ventilator and looks a lot better than the bulky CPAP. His blood pressure is also up. The doctor reduced his dopamine by half this morning, and they plan on taking him off of it completely tonight. I got to do kangaroo care with him tonight, which was amazing. Hopefully, he will start to get fed tomorrow.
Orlando is still fantastic. He is feeding, and they increased the amount of milk for him today. Rose did kangaroo care with him yesterday.
Mercedes is also doing great. She started feeding today. Rose did kangaroo care with her tonight. After seeing the babies and having skin to skin contact with Mercedes, Rose pumped and got about 10 times as much milk as normal. I think seeing the babies is helping.
Rose is also doing great today. Her spirits are higher than ever. I think we were both given a huge lift after Reese was taken off the ventilator.
Rose is coming home tomorrow! We can't wait for Reese, Orlando, and Mercedes to come home, too.

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  1. I'm so glad. You guys sure make pretty babies! Tell Rose I am thinking of her and the babies.