Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Orlando started eating with a bottle today like his younger brother. I got to feed him after work. First, I changed his diaper. Lucky me, it was only pee. Then, I put him in his outfit from home (today Rose brought outfits for everyone), and I gave him his bottle. He was eating pretty lazily. Then, after a few vigorous wiggles, he let off a small explosion in his diaper. He then let out a large belch and started feeding again... Only a baby can do those things and still make you think "Ahhh... How cute!" Luckily, as Mercedes was in need of a diaper change and feeding, I handed Orlando and his freshly soiled diaper to the nurse so that I could get started taking care of Mercedes.

If Orlando and Reese keep feeding as well as they did today, the nurse said that the doctor would have their feeding tubes removed. It will be nice to see their faces without a taped on tube running into their little noses. However, even with the tubes, all of the babies are super cute! They must take after their dad.

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  1. Rose & Josh

    We have been praying for you all! They are absolutely beautiful and a gift from God. Keep postings coming. I love the updates.

    Debbie Kincer