Monday, July 27, 2009


Orlando and Reese were moved to cribs today. The nurse said that babies usually go home within 48 hours after being moved to a crib!!! We should have the boys home by the end of the week! They are doing so well. They are both breast feeding. They are eating as much as they want when they feed. They are both gaining weight. It is very exciting.

Mercedes will have to stay a while longer in the hospital. She gained 61 grams today. That is more than 2 ounces. Hopefully, she will keep up that pace and come home to join her brothers as soon as possible.

Reese had a bath today. He was much more cooperative than Orlando... no pooping or peeing in his bath water. I missed out on the fun, because I had to go to work.

The Triplets' Great Grandma Cimini visited them today. Orlando is her husband's namesake. Unfortunately, as I was not there, no one took a picture of Grandma Cimini with Orlando... next time I guess.

We brought the car seats to the hospital today to be tested... the boys are coming home soon!!!

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