Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Turtlenecks are out...

...and snip goes the tip. Poor Orlando and Reese didn't see it coming. A doctor, a man sworn to do no harm, came to visit them today, and made them cry. (Sorry, no pictures.)

The boys are recovering nicely from their ordeal, although they were a little more tired today. Rose had a tougher time nursing them.

Mercedes has never been more pleased to be a girl... She ate voraciously today and gained two ounces for the second day in a row. When I got the NICU after work she had just finished eating and was very awake and wiggly.

The nurse said that the boys may go home in the next few days. They are getting their hospital pictures done tomorrow. They have been snipped. Rose and I have finished our required infant CPR training. The hospital tested the car seats, which passed. The doctor just wants to observe the boys a couple more days before he is satisfied that they are ready to come home for the first time... we are excited, and I feel more ready every day. I just wish that their little sister could come home with them.

Mercedes is still only about 3 1/2 pounds, and will have to gain more weight before she is allowed to come home. She still has the feeding tube in her nose, too. She just needs time to get bigger and stronger. At the rate that she has been gaining weight lately, that should hopefully not take too long.

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  1. What weight does she have to be to come home? I'm so glad they are all doing so well! Poor boys though, makes me glad I had a girl :) Give everyone kisses from Cousin Katey!