Friday, July 24, 2009

Look Mom... No tubes!!!

Orlando and Reese had their feeding tubes removed today. They also breast fed for the first time. The nurse said that they are the geniuses of the NICU. She said that she has not seen babies feed so well at 34 weeks. (The triplets would be at 34 weeks today, if they had decided not to make their grand entrance.) The boys also breast fed for the first time today. (This would be the correct place to insert something inappropriate, but my mom reads this blog. Therefore, you will have to use your imagination.)

The boys are advancing so quickly. They will be home in no time.

Mercedes is also improving. She still has to have the feeding tube in, but she did half of her feeds today on a bottle. Hopefully, she will be weaned off the the tube over the next several days. The doctor does not want to overstress her as she needs to put on weight. It is just great to see positive steps every day.

My low point today happened while I was eavesdropping on the the nurses during the shift change. At the end of their shifts, the exiting nurse will give a full report to the incoming nurse. I overheard the nurse today say, "Dad needs a little help feeding without DSATs." (A DSAT is the alarm that sounds when the oxygen saturation in the blood gets below a certain level.) The alarm went off two or three times while I was feeding Reese today. He is so intent on his vigorous sucking that he forgets to take a breath. I have to take the bottle out every 6 to 8 sucks or his alarm will go off... It made me feel pretty stupid, but hopefully I have the hang of it now.

Tomorrow, Rose and I get to give the babies their bathes... that should be an adventure!

(You may have noticed that there are more pictures of me with the babies than Rose with the babies... I guess there are some privileges that come with running the blog!)

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