Monday, July 20, 2009

Momma's coming home

Rose is home!!! She has to still keep track of her blood pressure, but she got to come home today. She is looking great and is going to sleep in her own bed tonight. If I'm lucky, maybe she will let me sleep in the bed, too.

The babies are fantastic!!!

Reese is back on the first floor. He is eating more and more every day and is gaining weight. All three babies gained an ounce today.

Mercedes is also eating more and more, and is getting bigger and bigger.

The big news is that Orlando came off of his i.v. today. Because he is off the i.v., the nurses were able to put him in a cute little outfit and move him around. Rose got to hold Mercedes and Orlando at the same time! Orlando also managed to miss out on the bili lights because the levels of bilirubin in his blood have come down.

The babies are all doing great, and we hope that they keep on improving.

There aren't very many pictures from today. I had to work, and I didn't bring the camera with me. The best I can do is a picture of a picture. Enjoy.


  1. Whoa! You had the babies. I just found out. Congratulations! They look great and I can't wait to see them and you guys.
    -Todd Milligan

  2. I've been reading everyday. And I am SOOOO pleased to hear things are improving as well and as quickly as they are! Hurrah! Keep it up! You are all doing great!
    jessie (Apel-Mifsud) brassard