Monday, July 6, 2009

NST #1

We had our first NST (nonstress test) this morning. The test measures how the babies' heartrates go up and down over a 20-30 minute time period. The nurses want to see two increases and decreases in that time. All the babies passed with flying colors, although they had to "buzz" my belly a few times to get them to move (movement causes their heartrates to go up). It was kind of weird to be hooked up to three monitors with three chatty nurses all standing over me - asking me questions, telling stories, and pushing on my belly at once. But the results were good, so that's all that matters!

The test also measures contractions. I had two during the testing time, which is also normal for this point in the pregnancy.

So, those triplets should not be making a debut anytime too soon... we hope. I am hoping that they go past their Grandma Judy's birthday (the 15th). I know she would like three little babies as a gift, but she can have them as a belated gift, when they are nice and chunky!


  1. I happily await for those 3 little chunkies to arrive whenever they want. They are the bosses and we want them large and in charge when they decide to come out.

  2. Glad to hear everything went well! Keep up the blogging! :)