Thursday, July 9, 2009

NST #2

If passage rates on the NST are in any way linked with passage rates on the SAT, all our kids should be going to the Ivy League (on full scholarships, of course...). We had our second NST today and the babies did very well again. They were very active so the nurses didn't even need to buzz them to get them moving. Josh also got to help out when one of the nurses was called away.

We saw our OB again, too. He seems very happy with how everything is going. He also said that often the smallest multiple (Mercedes) does better after delivery than the larger ones (Reese and Orlando) because she is used to fighting for her share. He compared it to a kid who grows up on the streets being more resourceful than a kid who grows up in a mansion. So we're thinking... maybe we'll just boot them all out on the street upon arrival... toughen 'em up. Just kidding, of course. ;)

I have also officially gained 55 pounds... yowza. Five of those pounds are within the last week. I now weigh more than Josh. Hopefully this is the only time in my life that that is true! My uterus is 45 cm from top to bottom, so it's like I'm a full-term pregnant woman and then some. I am also 45 inches around the waist. This is determined using TWO tape measures because one will not do the job. Again, hoping this is the only time in my life that is necessary.

Tomorrow we will be 32 weeks along... so happy to have made it this far! I am having more and more contractions, but they aren't painful, so they're not the real thing yet. We're hoping the real thing doesn't happen for two more weeks.

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  1. You still look awesome! I would kill for your skinny legs!! Have someone post here when they arrive!