Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day two

The triplets are now nearly two days old. Today has been tougher than yesterday. Rose was in a lot of pain today. She also was having quite a bit of difficulty getting around. Luckily, her mom was at the hospital all day to take care of her. I was stupid and went back to work. I have wised up and am taking tomorrow off to be at the hospital.

All the babies have dropped in weight. That is expected. They are currently on i.v.s so they are getting all the nutrients that they need, but they haven't eaten anything yet.

Orlando is doing great. His blood pressure was a little low, so the doctor has put him on medication to bring that up. He will probably start feeding tomorrow, and they put off the bili lights until tomorrow as well.

Mercedes is doing well, too. She has lost some weight, but the nurse who originally calculated her birth weight was bad with math. She did not weigh 3 pounds 4 ounces. She weighed just over 3.4 pounds. Her actual birth weight was 3 pounds 6 2/3 ounces. When you weigh less than 4 pounds, two extra ounces count! She is looking good. She is still the most active of the trio. She just needs to put on some weight.

Reese is still struggling. At 11 a.m., he was switched from the CPAP machine to a ventilator. His lungs were pumping about twice as fast as they should be, and he was still not getting enough oxygen. With the ventilator, he is breathing much more slowly and his oxygen levels are back to normal. His blood pressure is also low so he is getting dopamine to help. They are going to reassess him in the morning to determine if he still needs the respirator. It is very tough seeing him with the ventilator on. Plus, the hospital transferred him to a different floor from Orlando and Mercedes. He is with the smaller preemies with more problems. It really upset Rose, and she was having a tough time at first. When we said goodnight to Reese he seemed a lot better, and I think Rose is feeling better as well. I think he just needs some more time. It has been a tough entrance into the world for all three of the babies.

I have been told that I did not put up enough pictures so I will be a little bit more liberal this time.

Keep us in your prayers.


  1. Congratulations, Josh and Rose! My heart goes out to you with JOY and prayers! It seems so long ago that we were in your shoes but I remember how emotionally challenging it is; as well as physical for Rose. It will be a distant memory for you as well one day while you are juggling diapers, bottles, and your attention!!! The babies are beyond beautiful and seem to be quite the little fighters! Plan to call Rose today - would love to chat, if only for a moment! HUGS to ALL! William, Kelly, and Co.

  2. Those are some nice looking babies you all have there. Congratulations and know we are thinking of you.

  3. I'm thinking about you and the babies and praying for you all the time. I still can't believe you two have had TRIPLETS! Love, hugs and kisses from all of us Halls.

  4. Beautiful babies. You are blessed. I'm so happy for you.

  5. Hello Rose, Josh and beautiful babies!!! I was just IMing with Elizabeth Bashur today and heard the wonderful, amazing news! I honestly didn't even get word that you were expecting! So congratulations for both!!!!! Great blog ... I am enchanted by your growing family. You and your babies are in my thoughts and prayers! I'm a devoted follower of your blog now :)
    -- Jessica (Apel-Mifsud) Brassard