Monday, August 24, 2009

You better...

I returned to work today for the first time in two weeks. This was the first two-week vacation that I have had since I started my current job in 2004. Despite this irregularly long hiatus, I returned to work today more tired than I have ever felt even after an entire week of working. This is despite the fact that Rose let me skip all of the night feedings so that I could try to catch up on some sleep before having to return to the real world.

In addition to allowing me to skip the night feedings, Rose's mom also skipped them. Rose wanted to see if she could handle them by herself. She did manage to feed, diaper and burp all three babies on her own. However, when I said "goodbye, I love you," this morning, her response was a curt "you better..." Like any sane husband, I quickly retreated without seeking further explanation. In a marriage, I feel that you generally due better in a fight or flight situation by choosing the latter.

Apparently, the children were taking so long to feed that Rose was only able to get about an hour of sleep between feedings... that might make Gandhi irritable. Our solution was to switch nipples (much less sexy than it sounds) from the natural flow nipples that came with the bottles to the easy flow nipples used by the NICU. The feeding time has been cut by more than half. The spit up has more than doubled, but I think that it is a good trade off.

The Grandmas have had a changing of the guard. Judy returned on Saturday. My mom went back to take care of baby Tommy (my dad) on Sunday. This meant that Rose and I had two grandma helpers on Saturday. We used the opportunity to go to the movies... It was a lot of fun until the little thirteen-year-olds behind us decided to give a running commentary of the movie. I not so politely asked them to be quiet, and they not so politely told me to do something to myself that I don't think is humanly possible... I can't wait for us to have three teenagers in the house!!!

It is amazing to see how much the triplets have grown. You can tell with our litte banshee, Mercedes, the most. She has a little double chin now that she has started to chunk up. It is wonderful to see them all getting a little chubby.

I can't believe that we still haven't made it to Rose's due date. I think she would have exploded before she made it to full term.

In any case, I love my wife... I better.


  1. We are sooo proud of you guys!!! The kids look like they are fattening up like no others! Way to go, mama & daddy! -Will, Kelly, & Tribe

  2. Rose - I am digging the one-handed baby shoulder-press. You need to start doing curls with them next! :)

  3. P.S. Josh, you got off easy - I told a kid in the movie theatre to shut up once and he punched me in the face. Seriously. I think he was mentally unhinged, and his dad apologized profusely, but it was messed up.