Monday, August 3, 2009


Grandpa Larry and Uncle Paul showed up today just in time to see the crib convert to double occupancy. Grandma Judy has been here since July 15, and has definitely started earning her pay (very valuable appreciation) during the late night/early morning feedings.


  1. Rose & Josh,
    That crib looks so big. I bet you can fit 3 or 4 more little ones in there. At least for a little while. Thinking of you and your adorable family.

    Love Uncle John & Aunt Heidi

  2. Tell Grandma Judy that if she stays a couple more weeks she can change her residency status.

  3. Congratulations! Thanks to Teed, Geoff and I are following the Lounsbury brood! They are adorable! The nurse left in me will be thinking open crib thoughts and no "As and Bs" for Mercedes!
    The Severins