Saturday, August 8, 2009

Baby Land!

So Josh has convinced me to help him out with the blogging. I think he was getting a little weary of doing all the updates himself, so this post is from the triplet mommy. :) Josh and I went out to eat for our anniversary yesterday. Five years and three babies later, and we are still going strong. It will be amazing to see how things are different five years from now...

We are managing to get a little sleep, thanks to Grandma Judy and her assistants. Rose Marie is currently assisting her with baby duty and we appreciate it TONS! It is wonderful to have help with feedings and never-ending diaper changes, especially with Orlando, our Super Pooper.

Mercedes and Orlando got baths in their new awesome bathtub from Miss Beth. Orlando did his usual - two poops in the tub during the bath. But thanks to the new tub, it was no problem. We love you, Beth!

We just love having our family all together.

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