Monday, August 3, 2009

Momma, I'm coming home...

Reese came home today... Rose got the call from the NICU early this afternoon. I left work early, and we went to pick up our little boy.

Rose was afraid that he would have to wear a monitor at home, but he has been doing so well that he came home with no strings attached.

I could tell what he thought of having to stay in the NICU. When the doctor came in to do his exit physical, he tried to pee and poop on her. He gave just enough of a delay in between his salvos for her to drop her guard. Now, like Orlando, he can use the wall as target practice.

Like Orlando, Reese was greeted with his own personal theme music from the garage band next door. They hadn't practiced in a month, but they chose Orlando and Reese's homecomings to make up for lost time... apparently, Reese is a little more rock and roll than Orlando. His theme music was a little louder and more angry. He isn't even a month old and he has teenage angst as his theme song.

They look so cute in together in their crib... I can't wait for their sister to join them.

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