Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Three Cribs

Baby Land continues to be a happening place. Reese has now secured his own crib. No more sharing with Orlando. Reese voiced his approval of his new quarters by thoroughly soiling his diaper. Orlando seconded the sentiment by doing the same.

Grandma Gin continues to be indispensable as baby changer, laundry washer, frozen casserole heater, and early morning feeder of babies. Grandpa Tom is supposedly reverting to a rather primitive state up in Michigan without her. Anyone with working knowledge of a vacuum cleaner or understanding of an oven is encouraged to stop by and check on him.

The babies also enjoyed their first bit of "tummy time" yesterday. Tummy time is supposed to help them develop their neck and back muscles. All the babies managed to lift and turn their heads at least once during the time. As the nurses in the NICU said, these babies are indeed geniuses. :)

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