Saturday, August 1, 2009

Poop on the wall

Rose and I survived our first night with Orlando. More importantly, so did he. For the 2 a.m. feeding, I was excited. It just felt wonderful to have him here. At the 5 a.m. feeding, Rose asked me to take his temperature. The thermometer wouldn't work. I went to find another, and could only find a fat one that would not fit under his armpit. Then, I got cranky... I'm not as chipper as I normally am at 5 a.m. I eventually did find a working thermometer, and all was well.

The 5 a.m. feeding also included a four diaper change. The first change went without a hitch. Then, Orlando loudly filled his diaper while taking his bottle. During the second change, he pooped on the new diaper... waited... waited a little more until a third diaper could be put in place, and then pooped again. He also peed onto his chest, and we had to change his clothes...

Today, Rose and I went to the NICU to visit Reese and Mercedes. We left Orlando with Grandma Judy. Reese and Mercedes are now together in a twin room. They are both doing very well. Reese has started scratching his face, though. I think he needs some mittens. Both babies are still putting on weight like champs. The nurse thinks that Reese will come home later in the week. It will still be a while before Mercedes can come home though, because she still needs to put on more weight. She is still a couple ounces shy of four pounds.

During Orlando's evening feeding, Judy volunteered to change his diaper... As usual, Orlando was saving some ammunition for diaper removal. As soon as Judy had the diaper undone, he pooped. Luckily, it was in the old diaper. Then, Judy removed the diaper, and Orlando sent some projectile poop off of the changing table and onto our bright green nursery wall... I couldn't stop laughing. I also learned a valuable lesson about where not to stand when changing a diaper.

Even though we are tired, Rose and I are so very happy. We love it. We love our triplets!

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