Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bjorn... Baby Bjorn

We (Rose's mom, Rose and I) went on a hike today with all three babies. We put the boys in Baby Bjorns and Mercedes got to ride in the baby sling. We all went to Graeter's for ice cream. We didn't let the triplets have any. Unfortunately, neosure was not a flavor on the menu... maybe next time.

I started taking the babies for walks last night when both Reese and Mercedes started getting fussy. I used the baby sling last night because I thought it would keep mosquitoes away from the babies. Both babies fell instantly asleep. The problem was that I could only take them one at a time.

Rose's friend Kristina came over today and did yard work with her daughters... it was much appreciated. I have become more and more derelict in my duties.

I really appreciate weekends now more than ever. I definitely needed a recharge after my first week back to work. It is nice to take a nap or two during the day... Strangely, though, my work frowns upon napping so I have to catch up on the weekend.

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