Saturday, August 15, 2009

One Month Old!

The triplets are one month old today! It is hard to believe that only one month ago I was going into labor (obviously this is Rose updating the blog today, not Josh). So much has changed and it has been so wonderful.

We've decided to take a picture on the 15th of each month to document the triplets' growth, so here is the first one. Poor Mercedes is squished between those brothers again... I think she better get used to it!

In other news, Josh and I finally had to tell the garage band next door to pipe down yesterday. They started rockin' as soon as I was about to settle down for a nap. To their credit, they were very gracious and immediately ceased playing. The weird thing is, telling the kids next door to cut out that dang racket makes me feel older than having three babies... I guess I have truly entered adulthood.

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