Monday, July 19, 2010

Grandma Judy and Grandpa Larry's House

We stayed at Grandma Judy's and Grandpa Larry's for about a week. Mercedes loved sitting in her rightful place - on Grandpa's lap.
Orlando relaxed with Grandpa Larry in the hammock. Notice the jean-on-jean fashion sense. Grandpa is sporting jeans with jean shirt (aka the Canadian tuxedo) while Lando chills out in a very attractive jean diaper.
Reesie enjoyed playing on the kitchen floor with cake pans and duct tape. Who needs baby toys???
It must be Grandma's house! The treats are flowing like water!!!
Reesie learned a cool new trick while we were there - cruising along the couch. His motivation? A tiny glass of beer! He gets it honest, I guess. Much to his disappointment, he was not rewarded for his cruising with a sip.
Grandpa guards the corral, a makeshift baby gate fashioned from plywood and duct tape (of course!). We posted the guard after Orlando escaped the corral and bonked his head on the floor.

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